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Máirín Duffy wrote:

I've received a few complaints about the f9 wallpaper (it seems the sulphur is really unpopular) and I've been experimenting with alternative designs for it but trying to keep the same look and feel of the rest of the artwork.

I saw my share of complaints too, both on my blog and on fedoraforum, interesting how those complains happened only after Round 3.

Well probably the round 3 graphics getting checked into rawhide was a big part of it.

However, and *someone* has to say this, I am concerned about the mixed message we are sending around, I will serve a quote I just read (I was offline over the week-end, so I saw it at about the same time with this thread, even it is a couple of days older), I think you will find this quote familiar:

"As I said earlier (if anyone disagrees please speak up, maybe I am alone in this) I think it's far too late in the F9 process to start changing the graphics - we've already completed all of the core graphics for F9 and had them checked into rawhide. This week was the devel freeze for F9 IIRC and it will already be a scramble to get revisions into what we have in as we get feedback on it. To bring a new idea/concept into what we already have I think is too disruptive at this point in the release process, but refinements on the current designs are certainly welcomed."

These are *not* completely changing the design and are made specifically to match the rest of the artwork that is already finished - the waves are the same as from the RHGB graphic. This revision is more similar to the infinity work we did during round 3 of F8 when we were working with the bridge graphic and based on feedback we shifted to a different form. This is not a new idea or concept. It's the same radiating waves we've had.

The whole point of the process, eg getting round 3 into rawhide, RC, etc. is to get feedback as we go along and make changes and updates in accordance with the feedback so we get high-quality, iterated artwork. This is different than completely changing the main graphics involved with the theme and having to re-do every graphic associated with it (something I've no time nor inclination to do and I haven't seen anyone else attempt to do either.) This is different than proposing something new far after the round 1 deadline which would be completely unfair to the folks who did propose by that deadline and were eventually eliminated. This is working within the style and theme that had already went through the process. *That* would have been breaking the process and sending a very bad mixed message.

While I understand your point, I also think this is quite different, what do you think?

This is one of the ideas I've been working with -

Do you think it's a good direction? Do you have ideas on how to bling it up?

Too bad I was offline and had no chance to speak earlier (all the /temp/ images are gone by now).

It's under or something like that. I have no room left in my fedora people page and I was shifting things around to try to make room :(

 The version you have blogged about is nice, it
have a similar "soft" feeling with Infinity, so I expect people who liked Infinity would like it too. As for the particular implementation, what is the plan for the wide-screen option, add on the edges or just cut from the bottom? (that would work too)

I was going to cut from the bottom, I made a huge render last night that I'm going to use to make all the various sizes.


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