I recently did an ldif backup of our iplanet 52 database. Its about an 88 MB
ldif file.
I took this to a new FDS server Dell 850 3 ghz duel core 2 sata hard disks.
I ran an ldapadd  the data imported perfectly.
Then I tried to cutover some systems and give the database some load.

System went 200% processor

Eventually I realized I was missing indexes so I added them through the
graphical tool.

The log seemed to do something like this
generating index 1%
generating index 2%
generating index 49%
Seemed weird that they would jump from 49% to Done
At this point the new system was running at 100% processor
But the queries are running faster on our old 440 MHZ sparc t1 server52

I ran
DB ERROR: db_verify: Page 30: out-of-order key at entry 498
DB ERROR: db_verify: DB->verify: db/o_com/channelcontentowner.db4:
DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database verification failed

then I tried db2_index. The program seemed to be in a tight loop complaining
about 1 missing entry.

I do not realize how the data can be so corrupted right after an import.

These are someone generic symptoms. Any ideas? Thanks
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