On Tuesday 24 February 2009, AKanda wrote:
> Jens Petersen a écrit :
> > I think the particular problem here under F10 is
> >
> > https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=485562
> Hello,
> In OpenOffice (for exemple), I have always written in Japanese with
> the default font (DejaVu Sans ".)
> But in fact if I write with vlgothic it's good.
> Also, if I force the system with vlgothic is also good.
> The problem would be "DejaVu Sans" (think)

That would be very awkard since DejaVu doesn't have any CJK glyphs.

What's happening is that for your "Sans" font selection, it will get 
translated by rules in the fontconfig configuration files (basically a 
list of fonts telling what to use for "Sans"), and it chooses the first 
font in the list that's capable of showing the displayed script. So in 
your case it chooses DejaVu to display Latin, and when it encounters 
CJK glyphs, fontconfig has no idea whether it's Chinese or Japanese, 
and so selects the first font in the list with the necessary glyphs, 
and that's a Chinese font.

The solution is to move your VLGothic font above the Chinese font in 
that list.


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