Le mardi 21 juillet 2009 à 08:10 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :

> I don't think Fedora will want to do the conversion unilaterally. So
> that leaves out single-day conversion. It will take a long time to reach
> all the upstreams we package PCF fonts from,

Though on reflection the audit script only reports 11 affected srpms

    Format    Files  rpm  srpm  Files (MiB)  rpm (MiB)
    PCF       204    6    6     32           52

– font files in other packages (we should not find any!)

    Format    Files  rpm  srpm  Files (MiB)  rpm (MiB)
    PCF       872    10   5     13           55

So it looks manageable. And xorg is probably the bulk of it.

Nicolas Mailhot

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