I have a question and a suggestion for the fontconfig
config priority in the font packaging policy.

I'm writing a small script to validate the fontconfig config
in packages to not mess up. the goal is to check if the
priority is set accurately and the config files are
following our templates. it roughly started working. but I'm
not quite sure what "Latin" in LGC really covers. is it
similar to what Latin-[1-10] covers? or more strictly

The suggestion is, about improving the policy to set the
priority more strictly. I have two ideas:

 1) have variety of the priorities for non-LGC fonts as well
 like for default, main and low perhaps.
 even though LGC fonts has a priority for default font,
 but not for non-LGC fonts. it may messes up their default
 font if multiple fonts with the same priority such as 65
 are installed. this priority things could avoids this issue.
 it may be something like:

 65-69 ... High priority non-LGC fonts
 70    ... Main non-LGC font list
 71-64 ... Low priority non-LGC fonts

 2) describes what exactly "default", "Main" and "Low"
 priority means.
 during developing and testing this script, I see some
 packages is possibly wrongly set the priority to their
 fontconfig config files, for example, some font is set the
 priority to 57 that is supposed to be the default font, but
 not marked as mandatory in comps. so I'd suggest to update
 comps or change the priority like:

 - mandatory for higher priority
 - default for main priority
 - optional for low priority

 and update the policy with it as well.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome.


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