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> hail troopers and trooperettes,

Hail brave font packager

> I want to package the CYKLOP font and need to clear up the caveats.
> I am not sure what is required for caveat #2:
> "This licensing would not require building from source, though it
> would 
> be nice to get the sources published and use them to build the Fedora
> OTFs."
> What does that mean? Right now there are two font files in a .zip, are
> they not the source? What am I asking the creator for?

GUST people come from a TEX background. I suspect cyclop was created
through a complex process starting from metafont sources followed by
convertion to other formats. In an ideal world this process would be
replayed by our srpm so anyone willing could tweak the initial metafont
file and change the font like the authors.

However, this is all speculation on my part, Cyclop creators didn't
document their creation process anywhere I know.

It's probably better to start packaging the files they did publish, and
ask *very* *politely* how they created them and if it would be possible
to replay the technical parts. They don't understand the GPL so "source"
vocabulary will be meaningless to them.

> This leads to my second question, how do I package this font? Do I 
> create two packages (one for each font) using the same archive or is 
> something else required here?

As specified in

you're supposed to group fonts of the same family in the same
(sub)package, and split fonts of different families in different

The family part of a font name is anything that do not specifies width,
weight or slant. Canonical values for width, weight and slant have been
specified by microsoft in their WWS whitepaper
(Microsoft and Adobe are the two companies behind the OpenType spec)

Unfortunately many fonts do not respect this spec, and put bits that
belong to font style in the font family name, or the reverse. When that
is the case you're supposed to package according to the naming the font
author should have used, and ask him to fix its files. I've tried to
explain this in
(need to finish the slides and publish them properly)

Since GUST members understand technical font aspects, (if not legal
aspects), I'm pretty sure their naming is sane.

Nicolas Mailhot

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