Fedora Contributors and other Red Hat folks:


Main Sessions:

Dimitris Glezos Building a disruptive open source project

James Morris    Secure and Simple Sandboxing in SELinux

James Morris    FOSS Security Workshop 2009

Kushal Das      Deadly Combo — Python and newt

Kushal Das      Hacking Boog

Lennart Poettering      PulseAudio Internals

Lennart Poettering      The Linux File System Hierarchy from a

Developer’s Perspective FOSS Talk

Lennart Poettering      Is S.M.A.R.T. really that clever?

Rahul Sundaram  Exploring PackageKit, a cross distribution standard
software management framework   

Fedora Project day:

Joerg Simon     The Fedora Security Spin and the OSSTMM

Kedar Sovani    Fedora ARM: Past, Present and Future (It is listed as a
main conference talk however. Kedar, want to change this?)

Shreyank Gupta  Dorrie (Might want to clarify that this is part of Fedora
Project day and give a proper description of what this is all about)

Susmit Shannigrahi Redrawing and rewriting Fedora Distribution process

Rahul Sundaram  How to create your own Fedora Remix

Rahul Sundaram  Integrating a Free and open source software project
into Fedora     


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