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> Anyone part of the packaging team can do the review, I believe.
> Sponsors are the people who give the final approval.

So, is everyone who is 'permitted' do undertake a review, actually
doing reviews ? While we are building up newer participants, the
existing ones have the duty to be doing their bits.

> | How can we make the newcomers feel that they are being welcome and,
> | provide them with the feedback loop that makes them sustaining
> | contributors ?
> \--
> Raise the flag, immediately!
> If newcomers are stuck or need help, please don't hesitate to ping on
> IRC (#fedora-india), or simply write to this list. Seriously, we are
> least bothered about English or grammar.

Which brings forth a different question - have we unconsciously or,
consciously given off the impression that newcomers with their
questions are unwelcome ? If we have, that attitude needs to be worked
upon. Let us put our heads together and work this out. We now have
lots of active folks who are doing stellar work - this is a good time
to aim higher.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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