Since the topic of delays in package reviews has come up a few times, I
wanted to add a few tips:

The important link to bookmark is

You can also subscribe to


First, let me explain how you can contribute:

* Anyone can unofficial reviews of any package waiting in the review
queue. Unofficial reviews are reviews where you just add comments but
don't assign the review to yourself. You don't need to be a even a
package maintainer for that

* Any package maintainer can do official review of any packages of any
other package maintainer. First time, non sponsored potential package
maintainer need a sponsor to do the official review but again, anyone
can do unofficial reviews.

If you are planning to post reviews and want to get them done quickly:

* Post your review requests to fedora-devel list and offer to swap, ex:


* Find people in the community who share common interests, for example,
spins and SIG (Special Interest groups) listed in the wiki are good places.

* Feel free to post to this list or cc this list on your review requests
as well.

* Maintain a presence in irc, esp #fedora-devel and #fedora-india. It
helps to talk to people.

* When someone does do a review, try and respond quickly. If you have a
history of responding quickly, more people would be interested in your
review requests.

Hope that helps.


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