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> >> > So why don't _you_ take Kushal's role this time?
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> >> Is there a replacement for our ever enthusiastic Kushal?
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> > On a more serious note, Roshan is desperately trying to get Fedora folks
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> > talk at Mukti. I think we can assume that he has considered the idea of
> he
> > himself being a speaker, and also rejected it.
> I have two concerns about the lines above. One, the notion of Fedora
> folks from outside having to talk to a crowd of students

I would like to ask Arindam and Subhodip if they will be in Durgapur at the
time of Mukti.

> barring Debayan, Shreyank and
> Roshan,

You forgot Rangeen.

In other to provide a reasonable justification for the last two, there
> needs to be a follow-through of the first item. Awareness ->
> participation + contribution.

I was thinking on the lines of having a hackfest this time. We could devote
an entire day where the first half is spent in a workshop where people learn
a particular technology, and the second half is spent fixing bugs in some
project, or adding new features.
There has to be good planning regarding the semantics of this hackfest
though. We need to figure out what application we want to hack, and what
expertise it requires.
Once people touch base with the code itself, and see it running on their
desktops, that should pull more people into the community.

> Along the lines of what I did ask Shreyank in December - where are the
> folks from Roshan's batch and, other batches ?

When I left college last year, there were 2 competing trends that my batch
had infused. One was free software, where Shreyank and I had made some
inroads, and the second was TopCoder or similar online programming judges
where Swapnil Sonawane and Rajat achieved milestones. As it turns out,
Swapnil and Rajat ended up getting jobs on campus that paid the best (upto 3
times what Shreyank or I get!!).
This has pulled in a lot of people into the programming contest arena. Not
enough has happened in the free software field though.
I think it is of critical importance that Shreyank gives a talk this year.
People need to see him as an example of what hacking for pleasure can mean
in the end.

> As regards media, I'd suggest that you sell them.

I agree. There would be enough people ready to buy too.

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