Hi all,
I'd like to know if scid is suitable for inclusion in Fedora


License, as stated in the COPYNG file, is GPL. Tarball includes some
nonGPL staff
(opening books) that can be removed without great losses to package.

But also scid includes some nonfree (?) Nalimov code which is
important for me. File COPING says about Nalimov code the following

Please note: although there is no explicit copyright notice in the
tablebase decoding code, all rights are reserved by its author
Eugene Nalimov and you should ask for permission before using it.
He has granted permission for its distribution in Scid, and out of
courtesy I ask that if you make use of the tablebase code outside
of Scid, please ask Eugene first. His email address is at the end of
the file src/egtb/probe.txt.

What do you think about Nalimov code? I am sure that this code is not
accepted in Fedora, but RPMFusion guys asked me to clarify that
question here.

Mikhail Kalenkov.

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