Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

> Well, naturally it's up to me, but I was hoping for some insight into
> the relationship between the various repos. 

kde-redhat is a personal repo of mine. essentially the "rawhide of kde", where 
I sometimes put the latest kde bits built for fedora releases (like F-9, F-8) 
and/or other experimental stuff before it lands in official fedora updates or 

Any problems or conflicts between fedora and kde-redhat's stable/testing repos 
are considered a bug, and I will do my best to fix these asap.

kde-redhat's unstable repos are on-par with rawhide, experimental, sometimes 
solid (and sometimes not), expect breakage from time to time.  Any 
field-testing or feedback provided here greatly helps the development process.

In this particular case, I built and provided kde-4.0.99 (and earlier) pkgs 
prior to building anything officially for fedora.  The aforementioned official 
pending updates will supercede (and upgrade) most everything from kde-redhat 
(stable/testing).  kde-redhat/unstable will continue to track kde rawhide/F-10 
development, so it'll continue to have stuff lacking in official F-9 updates, 
including (kde4) apps like amarok2, koffice2, digikam.

-- Rex

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