On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 10:37 AM, Antonio Olivares

> To not break the law, you can avoid a great deal of work without providing
> the stuff that is truly free so that users have the power to get what they
> want and build from source or build a different Fedora spin to meet the
> needs of those users that do not want crippled versions of stuff that works
> with somethings, but not all things that users want/need to play.

Hey if you want to build  spin that contains none of the multimedia
applications that you seem to have problems with, you are welcome to attempt
it. We have the tools for people to create their own 'spin' concepts.  I
challenge you to do it, generate a spin concept for a desktop which does not
include the things you have problems with to be used as a base so you can
build the applications as you want them.

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