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>> If you have any idea of the wrapper used by the CBC for flash, that
>> would complete this thread.
> More FWIW....
> CBC uses the embedded video software call UberPlayer.  This software
> doesn't support Linux.
> PBS (http://www.pbs.org) uses their own PBSPlayer.swf and it does
> support Linux.
> Too bad CBC has decided to source their player from a vendor that
> doesn't value Linux customers.

It's done on purpose. Watching videos at the CBC/Radio-Canada with
Linux has been a problem from day one. The excuse is:

Message from PaulNorth written on 2009-12-07 at Launchpad:

It would not seem to be a technical problem at all....

I emailed CBC on behalf of us Linux users, and I got this reply.

"Dear Paul,

We have checked with our technical staff, and unfortunately, as you
point out, the new Flash player we are installing does not work on
Linux systems. However it
does work on almost all other systems, including Windows and Mac. The
number of systems that could not see the video in our new player is
likely around the 1%
or less range.

We are not in a position to develop any workaround that would prevent
revenue from being generated when users watch video on cbc.ca. Funding
for CBC from
the government of Canada has not been growing, and the funds from
Parliament (less than $40 per Canadian taxpayer per year) only cover
part of the Corporations
broadcasting operations. I'm sorry you did not get an earlier response
from CBC."

Parker Bishop
Communication Assistant
CBC Audience Relations

So, this seems to mean that - as a matter of policy, they refuse to
"develop any workaround" unless they can make money from it.

I sense the cold, grasping hand of our ideologically hysterical
Conservative government in this.


When i wrote to the CEO of the CBC, the excuse was the same: budget.
So I referred him to videos on the site of the Passionate Eye that
didn't use the so-called "console": they played perfectly, but now,
they not available, unless through the console, and they don't play

So, my advice is: in the word workaround, there's the word "work" and,
usually, it's just too much work. So don't spend too much time on it.

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