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> Sounds like they like FEL :)

They do. EFY does have a reasonably loyal subscriber base.

> Has anyone bought the magazine? Is it the official FEL livedvd spin?
> because I see there are other text on the dvd cover.

I can check that out since I have the magazine with me.

> @Aanjhan
> You asked me to review and prepare an FEL article for Electronic for
> You magazine for last night. Is this the same article that is bundled
> into the magazine ?

That is for LFY and is scheduled for Feb09 if the final article can be
pushed to them by 16th Jan end of day (India time). LFY did a F10
special in the Jan09 issue :

http://flickr.com/photos/ramkrsna/3193857316/ and,



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