Fedora Update Notification
2007-12-06 20:51:37

Name        : nss_ldap
Product     : Fedora 8
Version     : 257
Release     : 4.fc8
URL         : http://www.padl.com/
Summary     : NSS library and PAM module for LDAP
Description :
This package includes two LDAP access clients: nss_ldap and pam_ldap.
Nss_ldap is a set of C library extensions that allow X.500 and LDAP
directory servers to be used as a primary source of aliases, ethers,
groups, hosts, networks, protocol, users, RPCs, services, and shadow
passwords (instead of or in addition to using flat files or NIS).

Pam_ldap is a module for Linux-PAM that supports password changes, V2
clients, Netscape's SSL, ypldapd, Netscape Directory Server password
policies, access authorization, and crypted hashes.

Update Information:

This update reverts to linking the nss_ldap module with
static copies of libldap and liblber, to avoid including
unresolved symbol references which might be resolved to a
different LDAP client library used by the calling application.

* Wed Nov 21 2007 Nalin Dahyabhai <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 257-4
- nss_ldap: go back to linking with static libldap and liblber so that we
  don't get unresolved references which may be resolved by a different libldap
  used by the calling application
* Thu Sep 20 2007 Nalin Dahyabhai <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
- revise not-applied patch for attempting to stop infinite recursion in
  poorly-configured case
Updated packages:

5099f0a6f597ff93e236923c15e4802678b685fa nss_ldap-debuginfo-257-4.fc8.ppc64.rpm
facda9a7c12c6e5e5e2ce9108d5f2e91f1a12ff1 nss_ldap-257-4.fc8.ppc64.rpm
6595bfe1bf79ee9a01f18ee26e0b5115458ad003 nss_ldap-257-4.fc8.i386.rpm
0c28540008e210f30c38d17b73e313137acf956b nss_ldap-debuginfo-257-4.fc8.i386.rpm
44569ec8c29150a863982a82e05b808f3f1bccd8 nss_ldap-257-4.fc8.x86_64.rpm
81fbeacb6aa8247542ede3256eb456f714de3382 nss_ldap-debuginfo-257-4.fc8.x86_64.rpm
7117ef27420fd2a42c5ce87d8275ae2011610cd4 nss_ldap-debuginfo-257-4.fc8.ppc.rpm
1119273b31513785db6592343fdaa247ce1e32fe nss_ldap-257-4.fc8.ppc.rpm
1d36fff0aa7e234ff6408c415b24d8d8f6f66c8c nss_ldap-257-4.fc8.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update nss_ldap' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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