Fedora Update Notification
2007-12-20 00:48:08

Name        : fbreader
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     : 0.8.8
Release     : 1.fc7
URL         : http://www.fbreader.org/
Summary     : E-book reader
Description :

FBReader is an e-book reader, with the following main features:

* Supports several formats: fb2, HTML, CHM, plucker, Palmdoc, zTxt
  (Weasel), TCR (psion), RTF, OEB, OpenReader, mobipocket, plain text.
* Direct reading from tar, zip, gzip and bzip2 archives. (Multiple
  books in one archive are supported.)
* Automatic library building.
* Automatic encoding detection is supported.
* Automatically generated contents table.
* Embedded images support.
* Footnotes/hyperlinks support.
* Position indicator.
* Keeps the last open book and the last read positions for all opened
  books between runs.
* List of last opened books.
* Automatic hyphenations. Liang's algorithm is used. The same
  algorithm is used in TeX, and TeX hyphenation patterns are used in
  FBReader. Patterns for Czech, English, Esperanto, French, German and
  Russian are included in the current version.
* Text search.
* Full-screen mode.
* Screen rotation by 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

Updated packages:

fe3fab81182652a75d216d37604ec438a4055029 fbreader-0.8.8-1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
8662b86cb350e1b36bd450bf382f3ea2b30514cc fbreader-debuginfo-0.8.8-1.fc7.i386.rpm
edd888e5911b61ce608571b95b9e3bb8072848af fbreader-0.8.8-1.fc7.i386.rpm
199c69560151b396d150ae59f48f81c86378a7be fbreader-0.8.8-1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
7a4e4fb0313dc9805ae7bf096e8a162fbeb98b5f fbreader-0.8.8-1.fc7.ppc.rpm
62e5537f646556b697e4a074c75a3a25ea66d398 fbreader-debuginfo-0.8.8-1.fc7.ppc.rpm
e5ebbac3e208460dd93beccd1b5ffc9aa527e74a fbreader-0.8.8-1.fc7.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update fbreader' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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