Fedora Update Notification
2008-02-25 22:16:23

Name        : php-pear-PHP-CompatInfo
Product     : Fedora 8
Version     : 1.6.1
Release     : 1.fc8
URL         : http://pear.php.net/package/PHP_CompatInfo
Summary     : Find out version and extensions required for a piece of code to 
Description :
PHP_CompatInfo will parse a file/folder/script/array to find out the
minimum version and extensions required for it to run. Features advanced
debug output which shows which functions require which version and CLI
output script

Update Information:

Upstream Changelog:    Version 1.6.1    * bugs  - bug #13131 : Undefined
variable: php5_method_chaining    Version 1.6.0    * news  - request #13094 :
PHP5 method chaining  - improve detection of PHP constants ( DATE_*, STD*,
loadVersion() may return both function or function+constant list (BC is kept:
default is to return only function list $include_const = FALSE)  - Added -s |
--string parameter to CLI; Allow to parse a string without using script tags
<?php ... ?>  - Added -r | --report parameter to CLI; Allow to print either an
"xml" or "cli" (default) report    * changes  - split and glue parameters of CLI
class constructor were removed; the limit to 80 columns is now fixed otherwise
- PHP requirement is now set to 4.3.10 minimum (due to usage of PHP_EOL
constant)    * QA  - User Guide (HTML version) included in previous versions was
removed, since its now part of PEAR manual  - API is near 95% unit tested with
PHPUnit 3.x (see main suite: tests/AllTests.php)

* Sat Feb 16 2008 Remi Collet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1.6.1-1
- update to 1.6.1
- add check for packaging documentation purpose
* Sat Feb 16 2008 Remi Collet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1.6.0-1
- update to 1.6.0
- add requires for php-pear(XML_Util) >= 1.1.4
- not published because http://pear.php.net/bugs/13131
* Tue Nov 20 2007 Remi Collet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1.5.1-2
- fix BR (pear >= 1.5.4)
* Tue Nov 20 2007 Remi Collet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1.5.1-1
- upgrade to 1.5.1
- fix licence + del file

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update php-pear-PHP-CompatInfo' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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