Fedora Update Notification
2008-07-09 00:01:03

Name        : python-paramiko
Product     : Fedora 8
Version     : 1.7.3
Release     : 1.fc8
URL         : http://www.lag.net/paramiko/
Summary     : A SSH2 protocol library for python
Description :
Paramiko (a combination of the esperanto words for "paranoid" and "friend") is
a module for python 2.3 or greater that implements the SSH2 protocol for secure
(encrypted and authenticated) connections to remote machines. Unlike SSL (aka
TLS), the SSH2 protocol does not require heirarchical certificates signed by a
powerful central authority. You may know SSH2 as the protocol that replaced
telnet and rsh for secure access to remote shells, but the protocol also
includes the ability to open arbitrary channels to remote services across an
encrypted tunnel. (This is how sftp works, for example.)

Update Information:

Update to 1.7.3.    v1.7.3 (Clara) 23mar08  ----------------------    *
SSHClient can be asked not to use an SSH agent now, and not to search for
private keys    * added WarningPolicy option for SSHClient (warn, but allow, on
unknownserver keys)    * added Channel.exit_status_ready to poll if a channel
has received an exit status yet    * new demo for reverse port forwarding    *
(bug 177117) fix UTF-8 passwords    * (bug 189466) fix typo in osrandom.py    *
(bug 191657) potentially fix a race at channel shutdown    * (bug 192749)
document that SSHClient.connect may raise socket.error    * (bug 193779)
translate EOFError into AuthException during  authentication    * (bug 200416)
don't create a new logger object for each channel

* Mon Mar 24 2008 Jeffrey C. Ollie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 1.7.3-1
- Update to 1.7.3.
* Tue Jan 22 2008 Jeffrey C. Ollie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 1.7.2-1
- Update to 1.7.2.
- Remove upstreamed patch.
* Mon Jan 14 2008 Jeffrey C. Ollie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 1.7.1-3
- Update to latest Python packaging guidelines.
- Apply patch that fixes insecure use of RandomPool.

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update python-paramiko' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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