Fedora Update Notification
2009-09-06 20:07:33

Name        : lmms
Product     : Fedora 11
Version     : 0.4.5
Release     : 1.fc11
URL         : http://lmms.sourceforge.net/
Summary     : Linux MultiMedia Studio
Description :
LMMS aims to be a free alternative to popular (but commercial and
closed- source) programs like FruityLoops/FL Studio, Cubase and Logic
allowing you to produce music with your computer. This includes
creation of loops, synthesizing and mixing sounds, arranging samples,
having fun with your MIDI-keyboard and much more...

LMMS combines the features of a tracker-/sequencer-program and those
of powerful synthesizers, samplers, effects etc. in a modern,
user-friendly and easy to use graphical user-interface.


 * Song-Editor for arranging the song
 * creating beats and basslines using the Beat-/Bassline-Editor
 * easy-to-use piano-roll for editing patterns and melodies
 * instrument- and effect-plugins
 * support for hosting VST(i)- and LADSPA-plugins (instruments/effects)
 * automation-editor
 * MIDI-support

Update Information:

This version is a maintenance release of the 0.4.x series. It fixes most of the
bugs found in version 0.4.4. The VST support has been heavily improved, allowing
to run many more VST plugins. Graphical glitches with Qt 4.5 have been fixed.
Panning and volume envelope support was added to the Sf2Player plugin.

* Fri Sep  4 2009 Thomas Moschny <thomas.mosc...@gmx.de> - 0.4.5-1
- Udate to 0.4.5.
- Rebase patches, and drop fltk patches not needed anymore.
- Add a dependency on the Calf LADSPA plugins.
* Sat Jul 25 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-...@lists.fedoraproject.org> 
- 0.4.4-2
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild
* Sun May 17 2009 Thomas Moschny <thomas.mosc...@gmx.de> - 0.4.4-1
- Update to 0.4.4.
- Need to borrow patches for embedded fltk from the fltk package.
- Update detailed license information in the spec file.
- Update patches.

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update lmms' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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