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Summary: Review Request: esdl - SDL bindings for Erlang

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To Paul:

They are chmod'ed after they're installed, and they don't have execute
permission in the final package.  So RPM is looking in the build tree for debug
stuff instead of the install tree?  That's pretty odd; I'll have to poke around

To GĂ©rard:

Good point about the extra provide; all sorts of packages (even language addon
packages like perl-PDL) do this without issue, so I'll drop my objection.

It would certainly simply a few things of c_src were simply omitted, but I don't
know enough about erlang to understand whether that's possible.  I suggest
trying out Paul's suggestion to see if it keeps RPM from stuffing unnecessary
things into the debuginfo package.

About the license, I have no problems with it as it stands; I was hoping that
someone else would have some advice.  The license text is at if anyone wants to take a look.

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