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Summary: Review Request: perl-PBS - Perl binding for the Portable Batch System 
client library


           What    |Removed                     |Added
OtherBugsDependingO|163778                      |163779
              nThis|                            |

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-04-25 16:34 EST -------

Please use the full URL in the Source tag whenever possible.  If you do this,
spectool can grab the upstream sources straight from the 'net.  Since there's
nothing else wrong with this package, I'll go ahead and approve and you can fix
it when you check in.

* package meets naming and packaging guidelines.
X specfile is properly named, is cleanly written and uses macros consistently,
but Source0: does not refer to the full URL of the source file.
* license field matches the actual license.
* license is open source-compatible and both Artistic and GPL texts are included
in the package.
* source files match upstream:
   ab776b32945db7832acfeab5fd5cfbb6  perl-PBS-0.31.tar.gz
   ab776b32945db7832acfeab5fd5cfbb6  perl-PBS-0.31.tar.gz-srpm
* BuildRequires are proper.
* package builds in mock (development, i386 and x86_64).
* rpmlint is silent.
* final provides and requires are sane.
O shared libraries are present, but they are internal to Perl so there is no
reason to run ldconfig.
* package is not relocatable.
* owns the directory it creates.
* doesn't own any directories it shouldn't.
* no duplicates in %files.
* file permissions are appropriate.
* %clean is present.
* %check is present and all tests pass.
* code, not content.
* documentation is small, so no -docs subpackage is necessary.
* %docs are not necessary for the proper functioning of the package.
* no headers.
* no pkgconfig files.
* no libtool .la droppings.
* not a GUI app.

APPROVED (but please fix the Source0 URL)

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