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Summary: Review Request: gcompris - Educational suite for kids 2-10 years old

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> * rpmlint warnings:
> W: gcompris incoherent-version-in-changelog 7.4-2 7.4-1

My bad I added a changelog entry for my changes but forgot to bump Release: I
will fix this (easy).

> W: gcompris-devel no-dependency-on gcompris

Thats because it depends on gcompris-libs, where the actual libs are thats what
you get with program and libs (and data) in one _big_ upstream tarbal.

> some 'no documentation' warnings that you might be able to ignore.

gcompris comes with plenty of documentation in the main package in a lot of
languages, so yes I intend to ignore these :)

> * gcompris-desktop.patch has the following line that should probably be 
> removed:
> Only in gcompris-7.4:

Thats because I used diff not gendiff to generate the diff, this is totaly
harmless, but I can remove it if it makes you happy.

> * Only builds on the devel branch due to missing libassetml for FC-5.

My grand master plan was / is to ask for a FC-5 cvs branch for libassetml,
gnucap and gcompris all at the same time.

> * The icon in the .desktop files are missing the .png extension, but the icons
> in the icon directory end in .png.

Other .desktop files have this too (gsview for example) it works fine either
way,but my desktop patch did screw up the .desktop translations, so I have to
fix that anyways, I can also add the .png at the same time if you want, but that
would be unnescesarry deviation from upstream.

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