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Summary: Review Request: dvipost - latex post filter command

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> Good:
> md5sum matches upstream : 2ec79283a8348312bc72831ca80ae3a2  dvipost.tar.gz
> Builds in mock (fc5 x86)
> rpmlint clean on all packages
> spec file written in proper English
> spec file easy to read and understand
> cleanly installs and removes w/ no unowned directories
> spec file name matches package name
> consistent use of macros
> Appropriate license (GPL), matches package COPYING file.
> Package works.
> Suggestions (non blocking):
> 1) The spec file explicitly specifies /usr/share/texmf in the %files.
> That is the location in every fedora install - but some other spec files 
> the texmfmain directory in a macro and use that instead.
> If a user has for whatever reason changed their texmfmain - the src.rpm 
> have a build error when rebuilt.

  Something like:

 %{!?_texmf: %define _texmf %(eval "echo 
`kpsewhich -expand-var '$TEXMFMAIN'`")}

> 2) The html documentation might want to placed into texmf/doc somewhere so 
> texdoc dvipost will launch a browser window to the documentation.

  That makes sense but then it would imply to Require: tetex-doc. That would 
mean that a 40 KB package could potencially require an 100 MB package. I don't 
think this is worth it. :-)

> Question:
> From
> ----
> If a new package is considered an "addon" package that enhances or adds a 
> functionality to an existing Fedora Core or Fedora Extras package without 
> useful on its own, its name should reflect this fact.
> The new package ("child") should prepend the "parent" package in its name, 
> the format: %{parent}-%{child}.
> ----
> Since this package isn't useful without tetex, and is used in conjunction 
> tetex, should it be called tetex-dvipost ?

  Actually I think that dvipost requires a tex installation, there is nothing 
exclusive from tetex. That was the reason why I have proposed dvipost and not 

  If you feel strongly about this I will rename it.

> -=-
> Misc suggestion for upstream - filter out the cgi-bin references in the 
> conversion of the man page.

  I agree.

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