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Summary: Review Request: gnucap - The Gnu Circuit Analysis Package

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> > W: gnucap-debuginfo dangling-relative-symlink
> > /usr/src/debug/gnucap-0.34/src/O/ ../
> > 
> > - The build system compiles against symlinks to the actual source files,
> which
> >   seems to confuse rpmbuild when it creates the debuginfo package.  You 
> > might
> >   try using hardlinks instead of softlinks to work around this.
> > 
> I noticed this too, this also came up during a review  by me of kismet which
> generates the same warnings. We (I and the kismet packager) concider this an
> rpmbuild bug and have bugzilla'd it, see:

I agree that it's a bug in rpmbuild, but you still end up producing an almost
uselss debuginfo package.  I found a simple workaround.  Add the following two
lines to %prep to use hardlinks instead of softlinks:

%{__sed} -i 's!ln -s!ln!g' src/Make1
%{__sed} -i 's!ln -s!ln!g' src/Make.aux

> > =========
> >  * There seems to be two home pages for gnucap.  The one listed in the
> >    spec file at lists 0.31 as the most recent version.  But
> >    a similarly looking page at
> >    shows 0.34.  Why the two home pages?
> > 
> I noticed this too, it seems that gnucap @ gnu is dead, and that the geda
> project has taken it over.

In that case the URL tag should point to the Geda project page, since the gnu
project page hasn't been updated since version 0.31, almost 4 years ago.  Add a
 comment with a pointer to the page if you feel it's necessary.

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