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Summary: Review Request: bsd-games - A collection of text-based games

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> > (In reply to comment #36)
> Wouldn't it be easier to just write:
> %{_datadir}/bsd-games

Why yes, it would.

> In that case concider dropping these 3 lines from the spec?


> > > * Shouldn't the highscore files be marked %config(noreplace) ?
> > 
> > I say no.  If the high score file formats changes at any time then we want 
> > to
> > make sure that the old ones get removed.  We could mark them as %config 
> > only,
> > but that seems pointless because the only reason to preserve the old 
> > scoreboard
> > files is if a migration tool is also provided to move it to the new format, 
> > and
> > I don't see that happening for any of these games.
> > 
> Do you concider the changing of these files format likely? If you don't makr
> them %config(noreplace) the highscores will get reset on each package update, 
> I
> don't think you / we want that.

I was under the mistaken impression that rpm would not touch files during an
upgrade that hadn't changed from one release to the next, but it seems that's
not the case for these scoreboard files.

I'll fix these three minor issues before building.

Thanks a bunch for the review.  I know it was time consuming since this is like
40 packages all rolled into one.  :)

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