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Summary: Review Request: ctapi-cyberjack

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The CT-API system is complete diferent from PC/SC
When an app will use an reader via CT-API then it load's first the 3 function's
CT_init CT_data and CT_close via dl_load.
So for every reader you need an extra lib.
On Windows this files called ctXX32.dll wehre XX is the name of the reader.
So on Linux the files must be called where XX is the name of the
reader. And as an result of this the package for the towitoko reader must
changed, because the wrong name. The complete description of the CT-API system
is done in german because it was primaly develop for the german helth system.
But niw in germany nearliy all application that need access to SmartCards use
this system, because it is mutch simpler than PC/SC. There exits also an english
description of the CT-API but can not tell if all correct in this description.
When you will have an look to this vist

here the next try

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