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Summary: Review Request: raidem-music - Background music for the game raidem

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> (In reply to comment #5)
> > But if you're not sure feel free to post this to f-e-l. I'm just trying to
> > change your mind before we get a flamefest there :)
> I agree that it should be acceptable, but I don't think the guidelines are
> crystal clear in this case.  The guidelines also state "If you are unsure if
> something is considered approved content, ask on fedora-extras-list."  I'd
> rather get f-e-l's opinion and have this flamefest now instead of later when
> someone discovers a package full of ogg files.  :)

This is going to be brought up at the next FESCO meeting and updated in the
packaging guidelines.  Based on the feedback from f-e-l so far, it shouldn't be
a problem.

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