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Summary: Review Request: gauche-gtk - Gauche extension module to use GTK

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> OK, now we're getting somewhere.  Rawhide still looks broken to me, but builds
> in FC5, i386 and x86_64 succeed and I ran through the examples on x86_64 with 
> no
> problems.
That sounds good!
> W: gauche-gtk hidden-file-or-dir /usr/share/gauche/0.8.7/lib/.packages
> W: gauche-gtk hidden-file-or-dir /usr/share/gauche/0.8.7/lib/.packages
I understand the point. In fact the directory ".packages" is coded
in the file package.scm of gauche. The problem is that ".packages"
is hardcoded in the makefiles of the gtk and gl packages. This means
that changing the directory will propagate down to the packages. I
would rather leave it as it is for now.

> W: gauche-gtk doc-file-dependency
> /usr/share/doc/gauche-gtk-0.4.1/examples/glgd/run /bin/sh
This file should be deleted anyway.
BTW, the examples using OpenGL only run when gauche-gl is installed.
Probably gauche-gtk should depend on gauche-gl then. Should we wait
for the gauche-gl to be ready?

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