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Summary: Review Request: ctapi-cyberjack

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-05-08 08:25 EST -------
* rpmlint output is:
W: ctapi-cyberjack one-line-command-in-%postun /sbin/ldconfig
This one needs fixing, replace:
%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig
The same goes for %post, but rpmlint doesn't detect that one?
W: ctapi-cyberjack-devel no-documentation
W: ctapi-cyberjack-pcsc no-documentation
These may be ignored
* Package and spec file named appropriately
* Packaged according to packaging guidelines
* License (GPL) ok, license file included
* spec file is legible and in Am. English.
* Source matches upstream
* Compiles and builds on devel-x86_64 & devel-i386
* BR: ok
* No locales
* Shared libraries, ldconfig is run
* Not relocatable
* Package owns / or requires all dirs
* No duplicate files & Permissions ok
* %clean & macro usage OK
* Contains code only
* %doc does not affect runtime, and isn't large enough to warrent a sub package
* -devel package for the .h file(s)
* no gui -> no .desktop file required

MUST fix:
* Replace:
   %postun -p /sbin/ldconfig
  The same goes for %post.
* The pcsc ifd gets installed as  / which is ofcourse not

Should fix:
* You could replace sed -e '....' aap > aap.tmp; mv aap.tmp aap with:
  sed -i '....' aap
* %package pcsc is missing the following Requires:
   Requires(post): /usr/sbin/update-reader.conf
   Requires(postun): /usr/sbin/update-reader.conf
 Although this does get provides by the Requires: pcsc-lite, why this
 Requires? Wouldn't the above 2 be better?

Concider yourself sponsored, feel free to create an account in the account
system and sign the CLA I'll sponsor you once thats done.

I'm awaiting the next and hopefully final revision of this package.

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