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Summary: Review Request: mondo

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> 1. Don't use all the macros at the top of your spec, it just makes it harder 
> to
> do any qa on.

Well, as I explained already in the mindi package, I have a build system to
create .spec already in place. I'll see if I can do better, but for now these
macros are useful for multirpm distro support (aka mandriva + suse + rhel + 

> 2. Drop the additional languages from the spec.

Why that ? Is fedora becoming an english only distro ?
there are billions of people not speaking english, and for them having the
possibility to read something else that english is useful no ? 
To be honest those rpms exist nearly since the begining of the project, and
nobody never complained on that before, so I'm really surprised.

> 3. Missing ChangeLog.

My fault, will redeliver and add it. Corrected in SVN.

> 4. You using a non-standard Group.

Corrected in SVN.

> 5. Duplicate BuildRequires: slang-devel (provided by newt-devel)

I don't see the point here:
# rpm -q slang-devel --provides
slang-devel = 2.0.5-5.2.1
# rpm -q newt-devel --provides
newt-devel = 0.52.2-5.2

What do you mean by duplicate ?

Thanks for your answer,

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