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Summary: Review Request: gaim-gaym

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-05-08 14:09 EST -------
Although I'm not an officially blessed reviewer I thought that I can do a test
review and learn somewhat from it.

- rpmlint without any complaints
- although the upstream tarball is named qrc the user community uses the name
gaym, so I think changing the name is a good call even though it violates the
first sentence of the package naming guidelines
- specfile name matches %{name}
- license is indeed GPL
- COPYING is included in %doc
- to the best of my knowledge the spec is written in american english
- the specfile is quite readable
- tarball referenced maches the tarball included
- the package builds correctly and seems to work quite well on fc5/i386, it also
builds on fc4/x86_64 but I haven't actually tested it there
- no localization, no shared libraries, not relocateable, no scriptlets
- no duplicates in %files
- it contains a GUI but since it is embedded in gaim the .desktop MUST is not
- no scriptlets

As far as my newbies eyes can tell this package is problem free and works as

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