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Summary: Review Request: libpar2

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> Ralf, could you either indicate where in the guidelines this type of thing is
> forbidden or at least point to some discussion on the matter?  Your final
> statement about the package being disqualified from Extras seems awfully
> arbitrary without it.
This is not a matter of taste nor of personal preference. 

It's a mere technical requirement implied by autoconf's and a compiler's working
principles (cf. info autoconf, search the autoconf mailing lists archive).

Or to put it in short: This package is unusable.

> I have no opinion one way or the other on this issue because I am not familiar
> with it, but if you're just making up policy then I don't think it's fair to
> the package submitter.
Sorry, but I am not making up packaging policies here nor am I accusing the

It's simply a case of "this package's sources are broken and need to be reworked
to be functional". 

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