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Summary: Review Request: childplay_plugins - Plugins for childsplay 
(educational games for young children)

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-05-11 11:40 EST -------
Use of Requires(foo) to try to force package installation/erase order (as
opposed to their real purpose, dependencies of the corresponding %foo
_scriptlet_) is abuse.  The real problem is bug 89500 which is reportedly fixed
in rpm CVS; hopefully a fixed version will trickle down to FC soon.

If you want the left-behind dirs problem worked around in the meantime, owning
those dirs in all affected packages is one solution.  Ignoring it is another;
there are loads of packages in FC/FE that are affected and will be automatically
fixed without any per-package kludges when the fixed rpm hits the distro repos.

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