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Summary: Review Request: socat

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> Some more packages only put in their development 
> (CVS)
> tree, and just put the configure script and not the autoconf/automake in.
> Sometimes this is done to prevent dependancies on autoconfig/automake. I don't
> think it is a big issue for building this package.

In addition to Ralf's comments, which I agree with, I'd add that it's normal
practice to ship the and that these do not introduce
buildreqs on autotools if the timestamps on the files are correct, i.e.
configure is later than the files used to generate it.

> permissions on the debug rpm files after install is 644 for files and 755 for
> directories. So everyone can read everything. What is exactly going wrong?

I was going to look into this but the package
doesn't build for me on my FC5 i386 desktop, with the same failure mode as in
Comment #4.

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