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Summary: Review Request: jack-audio-connection-kit - The Jack Audio Connection 

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> I've managed to run into the memlock rlimit. Hydrogen seems to eat quite a bit
> of RAM, and jack apparently isn't very selective about what pages it locks 
> down.
> I initially had my memlock rlimit set at 32mb, and Hydrogen would just crash 
> on
> startup, with an out of memory error. I upped it to 64mb, and it would crash
> upon trying to load a song. I upped it to 128mb and that seems to be enough so
> far. (384mb RAM on this system)
> Changing the README.Fedora to say setting the limit to 1/2-2/3 of your RAM 
> size
> or more is probably the best idea for now. As I review and use more audio 
> apps I
> will get a better idea of what the minimum setting should be.
> Finals are over! My goal for today is to finish this review.

You don't say how you are starting jackd, you may try also to use the -u option,
that will try to not lock pages for some common libraries:

       -u, --unlock
              Unlock libraries GTK+, QT, FLTK, Wine.

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