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Summary: Review Request: initng

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> #276
> 1. speedstep script causes an oops on shutdown

Anyone got any ideas?

> 2. iptables script is suboptimal

Hmmm... I can see what you mean. Anyone here that has the knowledge and time to 
look at it?

> 3. iptables seems not to be started with default generated runlevels

Oops. A quick look at gen_system_runlevel showed that it was a complete mess, I 
guess it hasn't worked for a while. Fixed it up in svn. Gen_system_runlevel 
mainly is a big cludge that everyone has agreed should be replaced. Question is 
with what...

> 4. #277 yeah i reported that already. its a fact that fedora seems to need a
> special presetup for the gettys according ot the infos i collected from the
> initng mailinglist.

So what _is_ the problem with Fedora? What's the difference from everybody else?

> 5. chicken egg dep problem will be problematic for doing clean mock builds of
> both  packages (main/ifiles)

Anyone got any ideas on this? I'm quite sure initng can't be completely alone 
about this kind of problem, how do other packages solve it?

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