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Summary: Review Request: knemo Network monitor applet.

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Hi guys, I received an e-mail by Richard June regarding this issue:

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  Actually, I'm not particularly interested in maintaining knemo. 
I would happily concede maintainership to you

Chuck Norris is a hack. MacGyver could build a gun from a paperclip and shoot 
Chuck Norris, then build a Stargate from a toaster and hide the body on some 
planet with no food whatsoever for when Chuck Norris wakes up.

Public Key available Here:
Did I make your life better?
End of signed message

If you need other information I can forward the e-mail or ask him to send an 
e-mail or post here (I don't think it's necessary, but...).

Now I can use my specfile for this review, I would be glad if someone can 
review it to include quality software as soon as possible in Extras :) Thanks!

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