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Summary: Review Request: bugzilla - bug tracking tool

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Evening, folks. I wrote a bugzilla SRPM myself a while back, that I'd be happy 
to send the .spec for, but yours is not bad.

However, rather than doing all explicit file naming and transfers and 
exclusions, why not use a tar to transfer everything to the target dir for 
installation, like this, then put the documentation and contrib directory in as 
a normal '%doc' set of files, like this?

mkdir -p ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{bzinstallprefix}/bugzilla

# Chicanery because bugzilla lacks an install tool
tar cf - . |
        tar xf - -C ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{bzinstallprefix}/bugzilla \
            --exclude=CVS \
            --exclude=.cvsignore \
            --exclude=t \
            --exclude=README \
            --exclude=UPGRADING \
            --exclude=UPGRADING-pre-2.8 \
            --exclude=docs \

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