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Summary: Review Request: kerry - Kerry Beagle is a KDE frontend for the Beagle 
desktop search

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Great to see that you're packaging even more software. As promised I'll try to
review a few of your packages for you when time permits. But unfortunatly
currently time doesn't permit.

What I want / am trying to say is keep up the good work and don't get
discouraged by the lack of reviews actually moving forward. Everbody in FE is
doing it in their sparetime and doing reviews usually is low on most people's
priority list, because packaging things yourself for example is more fun.

With regards to that. In order for the system to not collapse you should try
todo a review for every package thats get reviewed for you. You could even try
to exchange reviews. So if you want to get things moving a bit more mail to
f-e-l saying that you want to exchange reviews, include full URL's to all your
review requests and hopefully someone will reply with a review request of his
own, then you review his package and he reviews yours and there are 2 less
reviews todo (repeat untill all your packages are reviewed).

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