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Summary: Review Request: pcsc-lite & ccid

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-05-26 13:53 EST -------
By the way, if you're interested in maintaining these packages in Extras, that
would be fine with me too.  Some comments/notes anyway:

> SRPM URL: [...] pcsc-lite-1.3.1-1.src.rpm

Ick, this would not upgrade the version currently in Extras.  Please bump the
release tag.

> This package is moving from Extras to Core. Changes from the extra version 
> include:

These should be mentioned in the package's %changelog, otherwise it'll look like
I'm responsible of the changes (some of which I consider regressions):

> moved from devel to libs.


> make %config %config(noreplace) to make rpmlint happy (oh and it's the right 
> thing to do;).

Partially disagreed.  The FE package has /etc/reader.conf marked as %ghost
%config.  Actually the right thing to do would be to remove the %config
altogether; this file is not something that anyone should go and modify, it's
deleted and recreated from the contents of /etc/reader.conf.d/*.conf on every
pcscd restart.  One could also argue that a better place for the generated file
would be somewhere in /var instead of /etc/reader.conf.

Additionally, I see the new package marks /etc/reader.conf.d/README a
%config(noreplace) file, which doesn't make sense to me.

One other thing: the build dependency on graphviz was removed, but the HAVE_DOT
= yes modification for doxygen's config is still in, that should probably be

> Generic USB CCID (Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices) driver.
> This package is also moving from extras to core. The only change to this file 
> was removing the %(_dist) macro.

Same problem here wrt. upgrading from the current FE version, please bump the
release tag.

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