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Summary: Review Request: openais standards based cluster framework

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> "man openais_overview" mentions adding a user "ais" to the system. Shouldn't 
> the
> package be doing that?

yes check out the new source rpm I have added the functionality.  Unfortunately
I am not sure which UID to use.  Is there a UID registry maintained for fedora?

> Would it be approriate to do a "/sbin/service openais condrestart" in %post to
> restart the service if it's running when the main package is upgraded?

good suggestion and that has been added.

> Directory ownership looks OK to me now.
> I think %{_libdir}/openais/lib*.so.* should be in the main package, and only
> %{_libdir}/openais/lib*.so should be in the devel package. This would be
> consistent with other packages. If the libs are only needed for the devel
> package, then the /etc/*.conf file should be in the devel
> package and the scriptlet calls of ldconfig should be in the devel package 
> too.

I don't understand why lib*.so.* should be in main and lib*.so be in devel?  As
an example, consider libevs.

The library is  There are two dynamic links and that point to

With your suggestion this would put the real binary library and
one of the links into the main package and the link into
the devel.  But in fact they are all development libraries.
/etc/ should be moved and has been.  You are right about the
scriptlets that call ldconfig.  This was causing a weird bug which I couldn't
figure out until your suggestion.

Thanks you have been a world of help.

Here is the latest
* Thu May 31 2006 Steven Dake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 0.76-1.2
- Add user account for AIS applications and authentication.
- Move /etc/*.conf to devel package since it is
  only needed there.
- Move ldconfig to devel package.
- Execute condrestart on upgrade

Please find the new files at the following location:
Spec URL:

Further review and help with the default UID to use and better explination of
the .so packaging conventions would be helpful.

Thanks Paul!

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