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Summary: Review Request: gdal

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> Regarding gdal, I'd be happy to finish this one off if there are no other
> volunteers. It's a bit of a beast due to the dependencies and testing whether
> the package is working right is also time consuming. But, as Rudolf noted, 
> this
> package is key to getting the open-source GIS packages into Fedora (QGIS, 
> Grass,

This and the key to next generation game development. i just finished off doing
basic packaging of delta3d and all its dependencies... some require a ton of
selfwritten patches. i am just about to get stuff upstream and polish
everything. i have a full blown gdal package btw... builds on fc5 with all deps
dynamically that are important and free.

i might put up the yet in extras missing stuff into a special repository on
newrpms. some things require more work. and i wont be able to maintain it all. i
am just interested in delta3d itsself.

if you take over the package we could get in further contact and id be happy to
pass you my current work so you can merge stuff you want in. id be also willing
to help you with all issues i can help with.

> etc) and until its approved, Fedora won't have any GIS applications in the
> extras repository.
> I had a package ready last fall but then saw that this submission was already 
> in
> progress. I exchanged emails with Silke back in January to see if she wanted 
> any
> help getting this finished off, but haven't pushed to get closure.
> My vote is to declare this an orphan package and let someone else take it over
> and finish it off (either by starting fresh or fixing up what exists).

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