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Summary: Review Request: cegui - Free library providing windowing and widgets 
for graphics APIs / engines

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-05 14:57 EST -------
I'm in the process of trying to patch cegui, not to use the bundled version of
tolua++. So far I can get it to build successfully to the point where it ignores
the bundled tolua++. It also has to regenerate the c++ bindings using the
'system' tolua++ otherwise it won't compile. However the following library
'', does not get built. On further investigation it
appears that this library is probably just a wrapper library, containing the
equivalent of '' and/or '' although it may be useful to
confirm this. I'm not sure how best to proceed. 

1. Do not supply '' and hope the packages compiled
against cegui will link with '' and/or '' when necessary
and patch them if they dont.

2. Construct based upon the system '' and
'', but this seems a little messy to me and largely circumvents the
entire reason for not using the bundled version in the first place.

3. Perhaps some sort of alias method using symlinks / sonames? Not even sure if
this is possible.

Anyway if you'd like to see the current state of things with the SRPM I'll
upload it. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, if you have the time :) Thanks

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