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Summary: libdhcp : IPv6 and IPv4 DHCP client and network configuration library 

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Great news! I'm glad to hear loader2 will now be IPv6 capable with libdhcp 

I've also just heard that libdhcp has been added to the dist-fc6 brew package
list, and it is now building in brew - the packages should be in tomorrow's

> pump compatibility layer ... we shouldn't be making other users aware of that
> API as something they can rely on forever

Actually, adding the pump.[ch] Doxygen documentation was something I hadn't
got around to yet ... I guess I'll continue holding off on that.
The pump API is entirely superfluous as is, and is just a wrapper around the
underlying libdhcp API, which is fully Doxygen documented.

> Are there plans to get the ISC client library patches integrated upstream?
> Are there plans to merge the ISC client libraries in to one ?
As for 'fully integrated', probably not, but ISC have already agreed to ship
dhcdbd in the contrib/ directory of their source tarball, so would probably
be amenable to shipping the libdhcp4client patch in contrib/ also. 
DHCPv6 is not an ISC product, but is a sourceforge project - I can attach
the libdhcp6client patch in sourceforge, so that should not be a problem -
I'll get going on this now.

Bear in mind that libdhcp (and dhcdbd) are actually a stopgap until ISC release
their super-duper integrated DHCP and DHCPv6 natively D-BUS based server and
client, which is rumored to be in dhcp-4.0.x, to be released within the next
year or so (I have not heard any hard dates yet) .


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