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Summary: Review Request: osgal - Adapts OpenSceneGraph to use OpenAL++


           What    |Removed                     |Added
OtherBugsDependingO|163778                      |163779
              nThis|                            |

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-07 10:20 EST -------
* rpmlint output is clean 
* Package and spec file named appropriately
* Packaged according to packaging guidelines
* License (LGPL) ok, license file included
* spec file is legible and in Am. English.
* Source matches upstream
* Compiles and builds on devel-i386
* BR: ok
* No locales
* ldconfig properly called for shared libraries
* Not relocatable
* Package owns / or requires all dirs
* No duplicate files & Permissions ok
* %clean & macro usage OK
* Contains code only
* %doc does not affect runtime, and isn't large enough to warrent a sub package
* proper -devel package as needed
* .la files not packaged
* no gui -> no .desktop file required

* Whats this? : "/usr/lib/"
* What does the -version-info 1:0:0 in osgal-cvs-debian-01.dpatch do?


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