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Summary: Review Request: system-config-selinux

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To your first Messsage:

- the logging button doesn't work
Yes these are features I was hoping for upstream to help
- dies pretty horribly in a non-SELinux environment
That Needs to be fixed.
- could probably use some GTK love (tab spacing, selector width, etch)
Yes.  Again hoping for patches from upstream.
- python(abi) deps come from files in /usr/lib/python<ver>; otherwise, you
  don't get them
How do I change this.

This tool was basically thrown together as GUI to do semanage functionality, so
it is pretty primitive.  Problem is I never work on it, since It is near the
bottom of the priority list.  I feel if I make it public, I might get some
opensource ideas/code/patches on how to fix it.

The first screen, is basically stopen from system-config-securitylevel/SELinux
tab.  The original idea was to get human translatable descriptions of the
booleans to allow Adminst to find logical booleans.  We are building new tools
to react to AVC messages and suggest booleans to be set.  

So if you setup your ftp server to allow local logins, but do not turn on the
appropriate SELinux booleans.  We will catch the first AVC message and send a
message to the user suggesting that they turn the boolean on.


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