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Summary: Review Request: wormux - 2D Kill 'em all game

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>  * Currently the package doesn't have locale files and the %find_lang macro 
> isn't necessary. But in the future this could change, so I think it should be 
> used from now

I prefer not to include %find_lang until there are actual lang files.  Otherwise
it leads to extra misleading cruft in the spec file.

>  * You should create a sub-package to the data files, for example, 
> wormux-data. This will save the users' bandwidth when minor fixes are applied 
> to the main package.

Good point.  Done.  Note that this won't actually reduce the size of the
downloads, since a new -data subpackage will automatically get built when the
game engine is updated.  upstream should package the game data in a separate
tarball for us to really benefit from the -data subpackage.

>  * The description field is too vague. Try describing the game better ;-)

Yeah, I kinda flaked on that.  I tend to cut and paste the descriptions from the
packages' home pages.  In this case, the home page didn't have a decent
description when I first wrote the spec.  It should look better now.

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