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Summary: Review Request: openais standards based cluster framework

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(In reply to comment #48)
> (In reply to comment #47)
> > Any application that wants to use the AIS must be user ais.  Read SECURITY 
> > for a
> > description of the IPC authentication and why the ais user is needed.
> OK, so there's nothing in this package that needs to be owned by that user, 
> nor
> does the service need to run as that user - just trying to understand things.

Yes your understanding is correct.

> > The Fedora Wiki states that condrestart should not be done in post, but 
> > instead
> > in postun.
> >
> > 
> > It was previously done in post, as you suggested in comment #22.  In 
> > comment #41
> > you suggest an alternative method to one line the postun step which is what 
> > is
> > done in the new spec file.
> Right, so the changelog entry should have been more like:
> - Move condrestart to %%postun instead of %%post

yes sorry for causing confusion with the changelog.  

> rather than:
> - Change condrestart to restart as specified in Fedora Wiki
> Changing condrestart to restart would have been something very different, and
> very wrong, which is why I was confused about it.

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