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Summary: Review Request: lat  (LDAP Administration Tool)


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------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-14 09:28 EST -------
(recovering from bugzilla crash)

New spec, SRPM, and FC5 i386 RPM available here:

* Mon Jun 12 2006 Paul Howarth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 1.0.5-2
- Spec file cleanups (#177580)
-   No need to use update-desktop-database (no MIME type in desktop file)
-   No need to remove .la files (artefact from old package)
-   Own directories %{_datadir}/gnome/ %{_datadir}/gnome/help/ %{_datadir}/omf/
-   Put icon in %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps directory rather than
    %{_datadir}/pixmaps, and update icon cache post-install/removal
-   Add doc files AUTHORS ChangeLog COPYING* README TODO
- Add missing buildreq gettext
- Remove redundant MONO_SHARED_DIR assignments in %%build and %%install
- Don't redefine %%{_libdir}, it's not needed
- Prevent creation of debuginfo package, which would be empty for a mono app

I've added a dependency for this bug of Bug #193957 (nant), where mono packaging
guidelines are being discussed.

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